Conventions and sponsors

Right guys heres a big thank you to my sponsors at

Eternal Ink ( these are who supply me my wonderful tattoo inks that make your artwork pop ! )

Barber DTS Supplies who provide us with all our everyday tattooing requirements in the studio,,,from cleaning fluids to tattoo needles,,,these guys go the extra mile to deliver !!

Nasty Clothing......these two crazy cats from the black country who's brand is gathering speed at an amazing rate,,,we stock a large range of nasty clothing from snapbacks to jackets,,,there on display and on sale in the studio at amazing prices

EZ Cartridge,,,these guys over in ireland supply us with tattoo needles and other products that we require on a daily basis

YAYO...kirk who owns yayo is a brilliant chap and he makes the best Process and Aftercare products in the uk ( in my opinion )these range from aftercare creams to a second skin that protects your fresh artwork from any mishaps !!!

for all you tattoo needs

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