Simon "cookie" Cooke


Hi there im simon and i am the lead artist and owner of the ink spot along with my wife. I am a self taught tattoo artist and have been tattooing for around 11 years.....

I do all styles of work but realy savour large colour realism pieces,,,,anything film/horror/geeky/ long as its a cool image for an awesome tattoo !!!

I do my best to try to find cool images for tattoos even if we have to spend hours looking through theinternet or books......even drawing straight to flesh "freehand" or designing an image in photoshop......we always try to make the customer happy !!!

Over the last four years on the show scene i have accrued 36 awards for my tattoos  internationaly which is cool too,,,,,,i always try to improve every day so taht the customer gets the best out of what i can do !!!!

You may have also seen me on E4s Tattoo artist of the year,,,where i went all the way through to the final !!

i specialise in coverups and realism style tattoos

Nick Cammillare
Hi im nick and i have been here at the ink spot for around 3 years,,i too have been tattooing for around 11 years
i also do all style of work but i would say that i prefer the high colour new skool looking style;;;; i can tattoo in pretty much any style from grey shade to japanese and love pop culture kind of stuff like old comic book images and retro 80's tv shows like turtles,,thundercats eat



Vikki Cooke


Hi im vikki and although im not an artist i am responsible for the day to day running of the shop.

You will all talk to me at some point as i take all the calls for appointments and control the diaries for all  artists.

I do do my best to make sure all of our clients get the appointments that they require,,,i will always try to squeeze people in !!!!!


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